The Art of Pixar – 25th Anniversary

The Art of Pixar  is a collection of artwork of 25 years of Pixar.

It is one of my personal favorite books on animation, as it is filled with concept art, color scripts, trails and errors and other fantastic sketches.

From classics such as Toy Story and A Bug’s Life to recent masterpieces such as Up, Toy Story 3, and Cars 2, this comprehensive collection offers a behind-the-scenes tour of every Pixar film to date.

The great thing about the books is the wide range of styles that come together to set a mood or athmosphere.

From gauge illustration to paper collages, and fine pencil drawings on a napkin to digital paintings.

What really jumps of these pages is the utter dedication, tireless patience and joy that wen into making these works of art.

Every page surprises and leaves you in awe.

Also, it makes our frustratingly jealous of the talent. It’s simply gorgeous and inspirational.

If you don’t have this yet, make sure to get it NOW.

You will not regret it.


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