Drawn to Life: The Walt Stanchfield Lectures – Vol.1

Never judge a book by it’s cover applies to this gem of a book. So boring and unassuming on the outside and so much interesting and witty lessons to be filled inside. Drawn to Life is based on the Walt Stanchfield Lectures at Disney. Walt Stanchfield worked at Disney for over 30 years and did lectures for the animators there.

The book is very much based on gesture drawing, or how to sketch out poses fast an effectively. The art of gesture drawing is an unappreciated form of art, because it is incredibly useful if you have to try out ideas for scenes. What is noticeable in this book, is that you do not nee to read it in any particular order. You can start with any lesson on any page. This is because the lessons are not meant to build up to a certain skill, but to to keep this skill constantly activated.

There are plenty of essays in the books. Each is a lesson relating to drawing and animation. It can be tangent drawings, creating believable characters, learning to observe, understanding gestures, etc. There are tips on almost anything relating to drawing. Loose and sketchy sketches serves as examples to the lessons. These books are more thinking than drawing technique books. For example, the lessons are not about how to draw perspective, the lessons are about how to use perspective.

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